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International Women’s Day - 6 Korean-Style Macarons Gift Box

International Women’s Day - 6 Korean-Style Macarons Gift Box

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Celebrating Women all over the world International Women’s Day is March 8, a day to celebrate women, empower women, and thank those who have made a difference! We have just the perfect option if you're looking for something unique other than the usual cupcakes! 

Each gift box comes with 6 individually packaged Korean-style macarons (a.k.a. Fatcarons) hand-piped into heart shapes and made extra chunky, by supersizing our classic macarons. Also featuring 2 seasonal flavours:
💜 Dark Chocolate Raspberry
  Filled with decadent dark chocolate ganache with raspberry in the centre
💜 Valrhona's Raspberry Inspiration
  Filled with Valrhona's latest innovated fruit couverture chocolate - a combination of the intense, gourmet flavor of raspberry confit with the unique texture of chocolate

Order by 4PM for same day delivery / pickup.
Deliveries available between :
6th March 2023 until 8th March 2023

 Ingredients : 

Ground Almond, Icing Sugar, Eggs, Fine Salt, Valrhona Raspberry Inspiration Fruit Couverture Chocolate, Callebaut Dark Chocolate, Food Colouring, Unsalted Butter, Whipping Cream, Raspberry Fruit Puree, Citric Acid, Freeze Dried Raspberry

Servings :   Box of 6 Korean-style Macarons (Fatcarons)
Best Consumed : 
Storage : 
 Keep refrigerated ( 2°C- 7°C ).
Allergens : 
Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Almond