“You never cease to amaze me. You’re just too damn talented.  Elevete desserts are simply delicious and made with so much love!” – Aisya

“I am so spoilt! These are the best macarons I’ve tasted! Soft and Chewy salted caramel indulgence”. – Andrea

“The birthday girl absolutely loved the cake! It was perfect”. – Hui Shan

Ennoble Desserts

Elevete aims to deliver the most delectable desserts the culinary world has to offer, which is why we ensure that each and every order that leaves our kitchen, is guaranteed to both visually entice and excite any flavour palate.

The name, Elevete, was derived from the desire to take modern day desserts and put them on a pedestal of their own, hence the non-stop pursuit for new methods and combinations of ingredients to create sweets that would catapult taste buds to new heights.

Our cakes stand out from the rest thanks to our fusion of local and foreign elements that create perfect harmony, such as our The Locale Cake(Pandan Gula Melaka Cake) and Lemon Poppyseed Cake. But that’s not all, you’ve only tasted decadence once you’ve tried our macarons!

Eat Cake Today Cake Together Cake Rush Moments 360

Some of our standout macarons include Salted Caramel, Rose & Lychee and Honeycomb, all of which will not only surprise your senses, but will also take you on a journey of foreplay flavours.

From macarons to cakes galore, we can put a smile on anyone’s face with our endless varieties and creations. the best part is, Elevete delivers RIGHT to your doorstep!

Elevete also seeded the foundation for Ennoble Desserts, where our sweet treats are available to f&b establishments and online platforms so that our labours of love can universally shared. 

So, whatever the occasion, drop us an order and we’ll ensure that your day ends on the sweetest note. Tell us how we can help you do that.

Ennoble by Elevete

Echoing Julia Child, “A party without dessert, is just a meeting”.