Our designer cakes are suitable for any special occasion from birthdays and anniversaries and more. 
Most of these Designer Cakes require only 48 Hours notice in advance for it to be delivered directly to your doorsteps. 
We have a variety of cake toppers ready to be added on to suit the occasion.
*Custom Toppers will require more notice in advance.
Check with our team by contacting us directly.


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Celebrate Lovely Moments with Designer Cakes

Whether it is for a wedding party or birthday party, designing a good cake can be time-consuming and overwhelming. We all want a luscious and lovely party with a special cake that can turn up to be a show stopper.

With endless flavours and designs available in a bakery, choosing one can be quite a daunting experience. Whether to opt for a custom square or an oval-shaped cake or a fondant cake or a frosted buttercream cake will make you more indecisive than ever. Well, there are numerous ways to choose the best designer cake.

Tips for Choosing the Best Designer Cake

When it comes to celebration, it’s always great to celebrate it with desserts, so here are some tips on how to cheese the best of the best designer cake to elevate your celebration:

1. Think About Unique Designs

The devil is in the detail! All the great cakes are prepared by focusing on all the little details such as theme, style, colour and décor, just to name a few. Don’t opt for the last-minute ideas; instead, start thinking about the design and the theme of the cake you desire a few days in advance.

2. Know the Theme of the Event

Theme parties are comparatively more exciting and fantastic compared to regular treats. If you have decided on the event's theme, keep that in mind while choosing your cake. You can also communicate the theme you have in mind with the chosen baker.

3. Avoid Cluttering with Many Ideas

Less is more! A single idea with a simple design works fine with every cake. Don’t try to forcefully fit in all the ideas in a single cake as it may lead to overcrowding of design, making your cake look messy and cluttered. Stick to a minimum of three design concepts to get a lovely and unique cake for your party.

Looking for Awesome Designer Cake in KL?

Cakes are the perfect way to sweeten up every special day. Every special moment deserves a cake, and it should get one. At Elevete Patisserie, not only we deliver cakes, but we also make the best memories – with the love of cake. From cake to cupcakes and desserts, we can make your occasion perfect and unforgettable. Order today!