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Fright Night Chocolate Hazelnut Tart (Halloween 2023)

Fright Night Chocolate Hazelnut Tart (Halloween 2023)

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Available for A Limited Time Only from 16th October 2023 until 4th November 2023

Introducing the "Fright Night Tart" – a hauntingly delightful treat that brings a touch of Halloween magic to your taste buds. This bewitching tart starts with a buttery, crumbly chocolate crust that's as dark as the midnight sky. As you take your first bite, you'll be greeted by a velvety, Chocolate Hazelnut-infused filling that's as smooth as a witch's spell.

But it's the eerie embellishments that truly make this dessert spooktacular. Let the spooky marshmallow faces pattern atop the delicious Chocolate Hazelnut filling bring an air of intrigue to your Halloween celebration!

The Fright Night Tart is a wickedly delicious way to celebrate Halloween, sure to enchant both kids and adults with its chocolatey enchantment. Indulge in this sweet and spooky masterpiece for a taste of Halloween magic that will leave you spellbound.
Ingredients :  All Purpose Flour, Baking Powder, Cake Flour, Canola Oil, Cocoa Powder, Corn Starch, Dark Chocolate, Eggs, Gelatine, Ground Almond, Hazelnut Spread, Icing Sugar, Lemon Juice, Light Corn Syrup, Milk, Milk Chocolate, Nescafe Gold Powder, Salt, Sugar, Unsalted Butter, Water, Whipping Cream
Servings : 
  7 inch x 1 inch tall (700gm) :
 Suitable for a group of 5 -8 people
Best Consumed : 
Storage : 
 Avoid direct sunlight or humid environment.
Allergens : 
Almonds, Dairy, Eggs, Flour, Hazelnuts