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Baking it Right: Elevete Patisserie is Now Halal Certified!

Hello dear dessert enthusiasts and #elevetefam! 🍰✨

Have you ever craved a sweet treat, but wondered about its ingredients or how it aligns with your dietary beliefs? We've got some fantastically good news for you! We're ecstatic to announce that our beloved bakery is now Halal certified! Yes, that's right! Every delicious morsel you taste from our shelves now meets the stringent standards of Halal.

Why Halal, You Ask?

For our friends unfamiliar with the term, "Halal" refers to what's permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law. It's not just about the ingredients, but also about the preparation and sourcing process. And in Malaysia, where our diverse community cherishes and upholds its rich traditions, we felt it was high time to embrace this practice.

Elevete Team with Khairi SMH, HQC Commerce 

Baking with Care, and a Pinch of Love 💖

The journey to achieve our Halal certification wasn't a piece of cake (pun intended!). But every step was worth it. Our dedicated team worked around the clock, ensuring each ingredient, from the tiniest sprinkle to the largest cake base, adhered to JAKIM standards.

And, fear not! While our methods needs to be documented, our commitment to flavor, freshness, and quality has not wavered. Every bite still promises the same delicious journey your taste buds are accustomed to.

Pak Win (Chef Edwin) with Halal Consultant Mr. Khairi HQC Commerce


A Taste for Everyone 🌍

With our Halal certification, we've flung our doors open even wider! Whether you've been with us since our first batch of macarons or you're a new friend waiting to dive into our world of sweetness, we're excited to serve you.


 Elevete Patisserie Halal Certified


Spread the Word!

If you know someone who's been on the hunt for the best Halal-certified pastries in Malaysia, point them our way. Better yet, bring them along for a taste test. (We are an online bakery, so browsing, ordering and having your desserts delivered to your doorstep have never been easier!)

Elevete Jakim


The Cherry on Top 🍒

To celebrate this milestone, we're whipping up a special, limited-time treat. Use promo code BESTHALALDESSERTSINTOWN for 8% off your order or click on button below to apply discount code to your cart! 🥳

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Till then, happy munching!

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