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Burnt Cheesecake Original Flavour 30 Deg View Angle by Elevete Patisserie


Paying homage to the well loved tarta de queso from the Basque region, the intentionally charred exterior of this cake has made its way to our number one best-seller garnering many great reviews from our customers.

Ironically, being the exact opposite of the entire process of making the familiar New York cheesecake, this cake is baked at a high temperature, resulting in its perfectly charred and crusty exterior holding a gooey, luscious molten Cream Cheese on the inside. 

Highly recommended for Cheesecake lovers.

 Ingredients :   Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Eggs, Dairy, Flour
Servings : 

 7 inch x 3 inch tall (1kg) :
 Suitable for a group of 6 - 10 people

 9 inch x 3 inch tall (2kg) :
 Suitable for a group of 12 - 16 people

Best Consumed : 
 Chilled or at Air-conditioned Room Temperature
Storage : 
 Keep refrigerated ( 2°C- 7°C )
Allergens : 
 Wheat, Dairy, Egg


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Elevate Special Moments with Our Burnt Cheesecake in Malaysia

Burnt cheesecake has earned an immense endearment from most of us. Everyone has an affection for this rich, creamy, luscious, tangy-sweet, wonderfully dense treat that peels on the palate for a lingering pleasure. It is seductive enough to have a perfect slice of burnt cheesecake without sharing it.

The burnt cheesecake is often mistaken for an, oh no, baking has gone wrong because of its burnt and cracked top crust. Despite all appreciation and affection, it can be a daunting task to choose the perfect burnt cheesecake. So here we have a few steps for you to consider when selecting the best-burnt cheesecake:

How to Enjoy a Perfect Burnt Cheesecake

1. Avoid Whipped Cream Cheese

First, avoid burnt cheesecake that uses whipped cream cheese as a baking ingredient because it doesn't form the right texture. You should always use or lookout for a recipe that calls for a solid cream cheese block, so be sure to check with the baker before purchasing your burnt cheesecake!

2. Keep in Perfect Room Temperature

The cream cheese should always be kept at room temperature to ensure the perfect smooth mixture. If the cream cheese is frozen, it may turn out lumpy instead of smooth, creamy texture when you bake the cake.

3. A Little Corn-starch or All-Purpose Flour

A small amount of cornstarch or all-purpose flour is added to most cheesecake, and this little flour could do magic on this cake!

Enjoy the Best Burnt Cheesecake in KL, Only at Elevete Patisserie!

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